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This is one of the places I will be posting NSFW content because Tumblr decided to take away adult content which is the worst decision they'll ever make.


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Posted by Crickzilla - 2 weeks ago

$5-$15 for all of the above bar the last one. (Yeah, I'm currently on a Crystal Story mood, so that's why all the bets are that.)

$15-$25 for all the others. (No bestiality, underage, diaper, fart, watersport, fat, scat, and cock vore or unbirth please!)

$25 dollars for "Mercenary Inc. Orgy now that the Dargons are vanquished!"

List of available options:

D relaxing on a bed, nude.

Kaeli flashing her tits proving she's not that quiet.

Reuben relaxing with hands and spear behind his back with his penis on show.

Reuben banging Kaeli while saying, "Why didn’t I consider you before? You’re that woman I truly need!"

Z offering a woman to help him ride out his pleasures.

Tristam suddenly having an urge to penetrate Reuben with him asking why and Tristam nervously answered, "It's just a feeling..."

D and Kaz going on full 69 pose with D's mouth getting loaded with Kaz's semen while he sheds tears while he suggest to stay calm while he strokes D's cock which is precumming.

Malloc thrusting Koras but it is ineffective because Koras is immune to fire.

Koohii surprising Lina with a dildo and buttfucks her while saying, "I've been saving this impending moment and this sex toy for you, traitor!"

Reuben offering Ms. Bubbles for a blowjob but he gets scratched (not by just the cock) by the angry Mr. Kitty.

Z forcing D to be his sex slave by chaining him to suck his cock and then anal penetrates him... (Wait I don't ship these two!)

Sylandra binding Kaz and playing with his genitals. (Not into snake coils)

Sylandra raping Orrora as she try to escape.

Rita removing her clothes making Hiro pass out with her nude body.

Koohii laying on a bed she stole while masturbating. Maybe with or without Lina.

Lina stuttering, "Okay, I’ll get it done swiftly!" while she does a foot job.

Something about Orcracle and Carl... Something about Carl offering Orcracle a blowjob.

A shrunken traveler entering D or Kaz's butthole? Uh... Or how about instead...

An anonymous shrunken girl or boy entering D or Kaz’s mouth and playing with his tongue and uvula before getting swallowed and sent to the stomach by freak accident.

Z X Koohii... What am I doing.

Mercenary Inc. Orgy now that the Dargons are vanquished! (Mari and Phoebe not included, of course)


Posted by Crickzilla - December 3rd, 2018

I'm also called JacquIreBriggs in sites I don't want to change my username anymore.

I'll be posting NSFW content (since Tumblr become demonitized if I finally got out of my shell to do so, (including posting my first NSFW of my current fictional crush. Guess who? Hint: It's my profile pic.)

I'll also showcase my two Powerpoint series (Never learned animation)

Mortal Kombat Armaggeddon All-Stars (Mortal Kombat styled Survivor/Total Drama with almost every fighter!)

The Big WAAAAA-rehouse (WarioWare styled Big Brother/Drawn Together)